best witchcraft shops in australia

Best Witch Shops in Australia

It's absolutely no secret that Soap Cult Australia has a preference for all things witchy so you probably won't be surprised to see a roundup of my favourite witch shops in Australia.

Below you'll find a list of shops that I've personally purchased from or plan to in the near future. 

Shops marked with * have owners that I have a personal connection to; just in the interests of transparency. 

Here's an (ongoing) round up of my favourite witchy shops in Australia. I'll update this list over time.

Stores I've had personal dealings with and would recommend 

Juniper Moon Apothecary altar supplies, sacred tools, apothecary, candles and more

I first met Juniper Moon online about two years ago and to this day, I'm constantly surprised and delighted at her support and championing of the witch community. She's always the first to like and share and leaves long and personalised comments on other creator's social posts, which is rare in this day and age.

I made a purchase the first day they opened and treated myself to some absolutely lovely things. Her prices are very reasonable and her promotional materials and packing materials are all eco-friendly. They are based in Victoria. Click the link above to visit her shop.

Earthly Alchemy  aromatherapy, subscription boxes, ritual aromatics, jewellery and more

Run by Eldar Crow and partner Jason, Earthly Alchemy is also based in Victoria (Melbourne) and I've been a big fan of their subscription boxes, The Witches Chest for some time. So much so, I used to unbox them on my other Youtube channel, The Song of the Winds.

They offer regular workshops and classes, group meditations and even have a self-published Oracle Deck coming out in 2019 which I'm excited about because Eldar is a wonderful artist. A fully qualified Aromatherapist, Eldar creates expertly crafted ritual oils, perfumes and room mists, which I completely trust because he is fully trained in the safe use of essential oils. Click the link above to visit their shop.

All Hallows Club subscription boxes, homewares

If you like spooky stuff and don't want to wait until October, check out All Hallows Club! They offer gothy/witchy inspired gifts and decor, plus a quarterly subscription box which is gaining a lot traction on Instagram and YouTube. 

Lylliths Emporium handcrafted ritual tools, self-published tarot, spell kits, apothecary and more

A wonderfully comprehensive site that even has information on the current moon phase (so handy) they stock an impressive range of handcrafted and reasonably priced witchy goods. You can find everything from candles to spell kits, incredibly realistic crystal soaps made by the owner (seriously, they are lovely) jars and bottles for your own brews, a comprehensive library and the harder to find, obscure ingredients for spell work. 

Shops that look awesome but I haven't tried out yet

Reader Suggestions

Got a suggestion for the list? Leave a message below and I'll check it out.