bush scene with lots of green ferns

Get involved in environmental protection this Earth Day and beyond

Happy Earth Day, Australia!

On April 22nd, we celebrate our beautiful planet and recommit to protecting the environment. As Australians, we have a special responsibility to care for our country's unique and fragile ecosystems. While we can't single-handedly solve the global environmental crisis, each of us has the power to make a positive difference.

At Soap Cult Australia, we've been championing sustainability since 2010. We're proud to support conservation efforts through our donations to Bush Heritage Australia, an organisation that protects millions of hectares of vulnerable habitat across the country while working closely with indigenous communities. Their work is crucial for safeguarding the future of Australia's iconic native species like koalas, platypus, and countless other plants, animals, insects and birds.

There are many ways Australians can get involved in environmental protection this Earth Day and beyond. Start by:

  • Checking your local council's website - many offer free native plants to residents to encourage backyard biodiversity
  • Consider joining community-led greening, weeding or habitat restoration projects in your area.
  • Make a habit of picking up litter when you're at the beach or in parks.
  • And if possible, make the switch to renewable energy sources.

Of course, individual actions are important, but we must also be willing to make our voices heard. Contact your local, state and federal representatives to demand stronger policies and corporate accountability when it comes to environmental issues.

Be an annoying, rude, wave-making advocate for our precious planet.

Not sure who to contact? The AEC website is a great place to start. Visit the Australian Electoral Commission.

The future of Australia's natural landscapes depends on it.