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Reuse Tiny Slivers of Soap with a Soap Saver Bag

What do you do with all of those tiny, slippery eel-like slivers of soap when they're too small to use in the shower?

If you've been chucking them in the bin like me (guilty as charged) - stop and try this instead.

Made from natural and renewable hemp, this soap saver helps you reuse tiny slivers of soap and creates a rich, thick lather!

Plus, it will exfoliate your skin as you wash.

It's like a cross between a soap dish and a body pouffe.

Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, strong and beautiful, an ideal natural material for use in the shower.

How to use

Add your dry soap slivers into the bag until you've got enough to use. Three or more should do the trick.

Wet under the shower and rub between your hands gently to get a lather going. 

Rub gently on your skin, or simply use it to create a lather, then use that on your body.

The hemp fibres will soften after use.

Plastic-free, Fair Trade, Vegan and Biodegradable

How to store

Rinse any soap residue from the mitt and hang to dry until next use.


Intricately hand-knotted in Bangladesh. Sustainably made from 100% natural hemp.

hemp soap saver bag
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