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We got a shout out from Emily Boo!

If you're not familiar with Emily Boo, then strap yourself in. This self-confessed horror obsessed YouTuber has a huge social following online and for a good reason. She's entertaining, informative and bloody cute. You can't help but enjoy her infectious personality and videos that are so relevant for the goth, spooky and horror communities. Tattoos, piercings, hair dye, cool new brands, hair and makeup etc. Love it. 

A few months back, we were given a shout out in Part 2 one of her comprehensive Youtube videos all about indie goth, spooky, horror, darkly inclined and alternative brands. 

We were thrilled to get a mention in such an impressive line up of exceptional dark indie brands!

Being included with such high caliber creators is very exciting.

Emily contacted us about it late last year but it slipped my mind in the chaos of Halloween and Xmas. Only by chance did I stumble across the feature while I was watching some of her videos today. 

Thanks for including usEmily Boo. You're the best!

Check out her video below. It'll play from our mention but I encourage you to check out Part 1 & 2 yourself and subscribe to her YouTube channel ,  Instagram or TikTok.  She's got a Patreon too if you'd like to show your support.