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Vote for Soap Cult Australia in the ORIAS

One of the biggest hurdles in growing any indie business is getting your name out there and competing against bigger brands. Soap Cult may be small but we KNOW our customers are some of the happiest out there so when we heard that Australia Post were hosting a People's Choice Awards where happy customers could vote for their favourite small business, we simply had to enter.

What are the ORIAS?

This award, hosted by Australia Post is a huge deal for online retailers. It recognizes innovation, hard work, and outstanding customer experiences. Check, check and check!

How is it different?

Unlike many business awards in Australia where you pay to win (misleading, right!) this award gives customers a voice to show their support for their favorite retailers.

That means small, indie biz like Soap Cult Australia can get involved and be recognized. Oh glory days!

There's prizes?

Yes! Everyone who votes in the awards has a chance to win 250,000 Qantas Points - more than enough for a local holiday. 

The winning business, doesn't actually get anything, except having won the award which honestly is still pretty cool.

How can I help? 

You can help by voting for Soap Cult Australia! It only takes a minute and will help us greatly. 

Thank you so much!

vote for soap cult australia in the orias
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