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Soap Cult Australia Supports Bush Heritage Australia

We proudly announce our support of Bush Heritage Australia and its activities through quarterly donations. We believe that by investing in nature and conservation, particularly with a group that works so closely with the traditional custodians of this land, we are upholding our commitment to the environment and regenerative sustainability.

boolcooma reserve bush heritage australia
Bush Heritage Australia actively works to preserve the natural landscape of Australia, with science-informed, consultative and collaborative strategies. Conservation work is carried out through landscape management and conservation science. This involves working with local and traditional owners, buying land for conservation purposes, animal welfare, fire management, erosion, restoring waterways and ecological monitoring to name a few.
Bush Heritage Australia is a leader in conservation and Soap Cult Australia is thrilled to help support their vital work. Our first donation will take place in early April 2023 at 1% of gross profit.

Thank you in advance to all of our dear customers for your ongoing support. Your support, helps us support this incredible organisation, who in turn supports our fragile ecosystem. Everything is connected, we are one with the earth, air, fire and water. 

 Donation schedule (quarterly)  Month Donation made
Q1 Jan, Feb, March April 2023 Yes
Q2 April, May, June July 2023


Q3 July, Aug, Sept December 2023 Yes
Q4 Oct, Nov, Dec April 2024 Yes


This program has come to an end but we're overjoyed at having been able to give back for so long.