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Charity soap | Buy a bar, give a bar

Meet our newest Charitable soap with a simple mission.

For every Charity Soap sold, we donate a bar of soap to someone in need. It's practical, local plan to get some into the hands of those that need it most. 

We've created this soap to be extremely sustainable. It's made with offcuts and shavings from dozens of different soap designs, keeping them out of landfill so they can do good. 

With a fresh clean soapy scent, each bar is completely unique and zero-waste.

white charitable soap for homeless shelter

activated charcoal black soap for charity

Our history

Charitable giving has been a big part of our business since we began in 2010 as Sailor Mouth Soaps. Over the years we've done everything from donate individual products, gift packs and gift vouchers, to special charity products (like the Charitable Paw Soap) and even customised Paw soaps for individual charities to sell for their own fundraising purposes. 

What's changed?

We've identified that a humble bar of soap is something that people living on the streets, in refuges or insecure housing may not have regular access to. With panic buying and hoarding removing many essential products from the supermarket shelves, these basic essentials can become almost impossible to buy, especially if you have very little money to live on or difficulty in accessing transport. 

charitable paw soap discontinued sailormouthsoaps

Rather than continuing to donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities, we've decided to lend our support in a very practical way - by donating soap directly to those in need. 

This means we've discontinued our Charitable Paw Soap shown above and replaced with it our new Black and White Charity Soaps.

This way we can keep up with the demand, minimise waste in the soap studio and offer tangible help to the people who need it most. 

Our new charitable mission

Now more than ever, there's a very real need to ensure everyone has access to soap for handwashing and personal hygiene.

Sure COVID-19 is a scary reality for us right now but every day, people around the world die from illness and disease that washing with soap could help avoid. We believe everyone should have access to soap and water to wash with.

As soapmakers, we are quite frankly, overflowing with soap. There's only so much we can use ourselves and I hate to waste anything - so we're using this abundance for good and pledge to donate a bar of soap to someone in need, for every bar of Charity Soap sold.

Who are we donating to?

It didn't make sense to wait and donate soap once the Charity Soap had begun to sell so we've already made a sizable soap donation to a local shelter, Goodna Street Life.

Our local area in Ipswich, QLD, sadly has many people living on the streets. Goodna Street Life offers assistance through a broad range of services, such as housing, employment, food and amenities and recovery programs. They also have an Op Shop which sells goods to raise further funds for this valuable service. 

For now, we're feeling called to directly support our local area but if you have another organisation in mind you'd like to suggest for the future, please leave the details in a comment below or reach out to us via email or social media.


We hope you'll get behind the Charity Soap as much as you did the Charitable Paw Soap! Honestly, I've always been so touched with how socially-minded our Sailor Mouth family is. Next time you buy a gift or some soap for yourself, please consider adding a bar of Charity Soap to your cart and help someone in need.

x Aliya

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