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Introducing the Zodiac Soap Collection

If there's one thing that's universally true about humans, it's that we're all (at least a little) self-interested. Who doesn't want to hear about the common traits of their star sign and compare it to how we see ourselves? Even if it's just to scoff afterwards and say "that's nothing like me *weak laugh*. Even the most skeptical amongst us can't resist a sneaky look at their horoscope from time to time.

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We're all; at least a little interested in Astrology 

Astrology is something we're all drawn to and whether we're conscious of it or not, the ebbs and flows of the zodiac year certainly feel like it impacts us. Consider Cancer and Taurus season for example. Cancer energy makes us feel more sensitive, fixated on our friends and loved ones and easily provoked into acting crabby, just like the sign's symbol. In Taurus season, we often feel more connected with earthly things, like food, our home and material possessions. We're not so easily bothered by stuff that in another month, might make us feel mad or emotional. 

What's A "Chart"?

Unless you're really into astrology, you may not know what your "natal chart" is and that's ok! Honestly, it's pretty complicated stuff and I only got through half of an astrology course to reach that conclusion *winks*.

Most of us know our star sign (or more accurately, our sun sign) and that's it; but it's worth learning about your moon and rising sign as well because your sun sign is only a tiny aspect of your cosmic blueprint. 

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How To Calculate Your Birth Chart

My favourite site to learn about your personal astrology is Don't let the horribly outdated site put you off, it's really very good (and free!). Here you can calculate your birth chart which shows the exact position of our closets planets at your exact minute of your birth.

First, create a free user profile. That'll let you save your chart and anyone else's that you happen to work out. Navigate to extended chart selection  and enter the information required. Yes, you'll need your time of birth too. Click continue. In the "display and calculation options", select "true node" and then "click here to show the chart".

In your natal chart, you'll want to make note of your Sun, Ascendent (Rising) and your Moon signs. Mine for example is Scorpio, Scorpio, Taurus. My daughter is Libra, Pisces, Pisces. These are some of the most significant aspects of your chart.

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How To Interpret Your Sun, Rising and Moon Signs

Our Sun Sign is basically us, in a nutshell. Our identity and sense of self. It's how we tend to express ourselves and represents what we excel at, and what we don't. 

Our Rising Sign is how we project ourselves into the world: how we interact with others. The calculation for our rising sign (ascendent) is more precise than our sun sign so while we talk about our star signs (sun sign) the most, it's really our rising sign that defines us a bit more accurately. 

Our Moon Sign is our internal, often subconscious driving force. It fuels our "why's and how we seek comfort and connection with others. 

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Why We Created Our Zodiac Collection

I'll be the first to admit, I find my own season HARD. Scorpio season doesn't make me feel my best. In fact, that's when I feel my shadow the most and needless to say, that's the best time for shadow work and extra self-care. Every zodiac season has some type of positive (light) and negative (shadow) attributes for us as well.  Depending on your exact chart, you might feel the most inspired or called to rise the challenge when I'm at my worst, and vice versa. 

By working with the themes of a given sign (be it sun, rising or moon) we can help to balance out and integrate our own shadow and light. 

'An enlightened being is a person that has managed to integrate the virtue of all twelve star signs'

Ritual Baths vs Showers

Here at Soap Cult, we respect the indulgence and magic of ritual baths but; they aren't a daily affair. Ritual baths can often take more supplies, preparation and time than we have available to us. Plus, we shower each day (usually?) and if you're in Australia, no doubt you're familiar with our near constant state of drought...showers it is!

How To Take A Ritual Shower

'You can do a shorter version of this shower ritual when you're washing your hands. Simply lather, *focus on your intention* and rinse off the bubbles.'
  • As you undress, think about your current state. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Allow those cares to drop to the floor, even if just for a few moments.
  • Turn on the shower and as you get to the right temperature, set your intention. Are you letting something go or drawing something in? Are you seeking ease or wanting to take advantage of a new opportunity? Allow that intention to be your focus.
  • As you step into the shower, visualise any roadblocks to your goal washing away.
  • Listen to the sounds of the water and hold the soap near your nose. Inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Begin to lather the soap in your hands and wash your body.
  • Visualise the soapy water simultaneously removing anything blocking your path and the water drawing your desires in.
  • Keep the visualisation strong in your mind and say to yourself "and so it is".
  • Finish your shower, dry off and dress and usual.

How Find The Zodiac Collection 

Soap Cult Australia's Zodiac Collection is available here   

Be sure to visit the entire collection and find your Sun, Rising and Moon signs. 

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Soap Cult’s Zodiac Collection makes gifting and personalising your self-care routine, easy. These twelve soaps encapsulate the vibe of each sign through corresponding colours, scents, and natural ingredients; making bathing a feast for the senses. Gift wrapped with a wax seal for a premium experience. 

The Zodiac Collection is a premium range: complete with stunning product labels, zodiac tissue wrap, and a vegan wax seal.

By incorporating Soap Cult’s Zodiac Collection into your self-care routine, you can indulge your sun sign (or rising and moon as well!) and honour your individual natal chart.