Huge announcement - we're moving into a warehouse! - Soap Cult Australia

Huge announcement - we're moving into a warehouse!

We got a factory y'all! ⁠

These last few months have been intense. I've lost count of how many times I've freaked out, cheered, wanted to cry, or my stomach flip-flopped to get to this point. ⁠

I'll do a YouTube video soon to explain all the dirty details, but basically, the biz had to move out of our home studio, pronto. The only option was to rent a commercial premises, so that's what I've done!⁠

I knew we'd have to do this someday, but it's about 18 months ahead of schedule, which is exciting and a touch nerve-wracking. Like 6% scary and 94%, I GOT THIS vibes.⁠

Fortunately, I'd been checking out commercial real estate sites for about a year, so I'd unintentionally gotten a good feel of what was available/where/prices etc. so much of the research was already done.⁠

These premises ticks most boxes, and I finally got the keys in late September 2022, after many delays 😅. ⁠

It's in Seventeen Mile Rocks, South-West of Brisbane City and pretty central to most things. ⁠

From here, we'll eventually run our entire business from manufacturing to photography, admin and fulfilment. ⁠

It'll take some time to turn it into the HQ of our dreams, especially during the manic Q4 period where Halloween (our biggest season) and Christmas meet. YIKES. Good thing we like flying by the seat of our pants.

With all the interesting business changes going on, we thought it's the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs and reboot our YouTube Channel.

We'd LOVE it if you could show your support by subscribing to the channel and follow along with us on the next stage of our business journey. Thank you so much.