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Transform your bathroom on a budget

For many of us, our homes have become our workplaces and the bathroom is the one place you can retreat from the world and its constant demands.

But bathrooms can be a bit of a bummer, right? Outdated, small and kinda gross if you're sharing it with multiple people who never clean. 

Often when we think about redecorating a bathroom, we automatically assume we need to paint, re-tiles etc. That's not always in the budget (let alone finding tradespeople) and certainly out of the question for renters.

Thankfully you can completely transform the look of your bathroom on a budget with basics like:

  • towels, face washers, hand towels
  • bath mats
  • shower curtain
  • artwork
  • a new bin
  • countertop accessories

Budget-friendly ideas on how to decorate your bathroom

Towels, face washers, hand towels

Spotlight - regularly on sale, have fast click and collect and free shipping offers. Lots of variety but the website is as hard to navigate as their stores. 

Canningvale - regularly has sales and the towels, linen etc. are of excellent quality for the price. Usually, the darker colour items don't sell through so they get steeply discounted. Yay for us!

Target - they have sales less often but they follow trends pretty closely so you can pounce if a colour your like goes mainstream. The quality is ok so make sure you're getting a good sale price!

Kmart - personally I don't like their towels but it's a good place to find face washers, hand towels etc. at a good price in solid colours. They won't launder well but these essentials get clapped out pretty fast anyway.

Budget-friendly tip! Join ShopBack if you haven't already. You can get a percentage back on everyday purchases from tonnes of different retailers. Use my referral code if you'd like to try it out! I've been using it for about.


Bath Mats

Beserk has a good selection of gothic, Halloween, and spooky bath mats. As does  Etsy but there are not many in Australia.

Personally, if you're on a budget, I'd stick to the darker, solid-colour bath mats you can get at any of the big box retailers above and save the cash for other bathroom decor items. 

If you've got a particularly small bathroom, Ikea is a great place to find designs for smaller rooms.


Shower Curtains

We're back at Beserk again because I think they have the best shower curtains!

Sometimes Spotlight and Ikea come through




Art prints can completely transform the feel of your bathroom. My favourite place to find them is Etsy. Here you can shop from small creators and support local businesses. Check out these budget-friendly stores:

 ghost of october


salem ghoull

Tip - remember to air your bathroom out well as often as you can. Regularly check behind the frames to ensure there's no mould growing. If you notice condensation behind the glass, take it apart and allow it to dry before re-hanging.



Temple and Webster are a little pricey but the styles are often very good. Make sure you sign up and get a discount on your first order.

Myer  has wonderful black bathroom bins and sets. They often have sales so don't miss this secret bargain shop. Quite often they're cheaper than the major big box stores.


Countertop accessories

Of course, we have to mention our original coffin-shaped basin tray! Perfectly sized for your bathroom countertop so you can organise your sink in style.

Smaller than the usual bath trays, these fit perfectly on most bathroom sinks. 

These are made locally in Brisbane from solid timber and exclusive to Soap Cult Australia. With several paint finishes and hardware to choose from, you can find the perfect look to suit your style.


 styled coffin tray with soap glass


coffin tray with soap and soap dish