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Capricorn Zodiac Sign - Dates, Traits and Personality

Capricorn: The Determined Mountain Goat of the Zodiac: Dates, Traits, and More

Are you a Capricorn, or do you know someone who is? As the most goal-oriented of the zodiac signs, Capricorns are distinguished by their unique traits and characteristics. This blog post aims to understand this disciplined sign better, discussing its dates, ruling planet, symbol, typical traits, career inclinations, and approach to love.

Ambitious | Persistent | Sensitive

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When are the Capricorn season?

The Capricorn dates span from December 22nd to January 19th. If your birthday lies within this timeframe, you are indeed a Capricorn.

What is the Ruling Planet and Symbol of Capricorn?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet known for its associations with discipline, responsibility, and long-term goals. This aligns well with Capricorn's symbol - the Mountain Goat. Much like a mountain goat's steady and determined ascent, Capricorns are renowned for their ambition and relentless drive towards their goals.

What are the Typical Traits of a Capricorn Zodiac Sign?

Capricorns are commonly known for their:

  • Ambition and strong drive to succeed
  • Disciplined and structured approach to life
  • Practicality and realism
  • Patience and persistence
  • Loyalty and reliability

While these traits make Capricorns extremely dependable, they can sometimes come across as too serious or reserved and bossy.

How does a Capricorn Zodiac Sign Behave in Love and Career?

In love, Capricorns seek stability and are often slow to open up, preferring to build relationships on a solid foundation of trust.

When it comes to career, Capricorns' ambition and discipline often lead them to excel in fields such as finance, management, or any area where organisational skills and a strong work ethic are valued.

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