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Our Mission Statement, Values and Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply dark aesthetic folks with luxurious handmade soap products that look unique, meet your high ethical standards and leave your skin feeling comfortable, soft and delicately perfumed.

Value Statement

These five values are the core of our brand and help to guide every decision we make.

  1. Truth in marketing
  2. Empowerment through education
  3. Magic in the mundane
  4. Sustainable business practices 
  5. Earth-friendly ingredients & packaging 

Vision Statement

  • We seek to banish unnecessary packaging & create a #SolidSoapRevolution
  • We believe soap making is a special kind of alchemy. That inspires us to create unique blends of scent, colour & botanicals to take you on an olfactory journey. You should enjoy the hell out of that precious alone time each day!
  • We want our handcrafted soap to be a time out, self-care ritual for busy and stressed out women in Australia.
  • We create plant-based, vegan products with as many natural & unrefined ingredients as possible.
  • We want a world where all businesses, regardless of size, are socially responsible & make ethical & sustainable choices about ingredients & product packaging. 
  • We want to support suppliers that grow, harvest, refine & transport our ingredients ethically. 
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Ethical Ingredients,
Sustainable Packaging

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Free Samples,
Easy Returns

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No Animal Testing