Customer Testimonials

Amazingly unique, long-lasting soaps that make hand-washing feel like a tiny reprieve from the daily grind. I've received multiple orders and I'm always amazed at how intricate and beautiful these hand-made soaps are. Feels great to support a small business and I'll be repurchasing once I work through my massive stash!

Laura R, QLD

This soap is fantastic! I'd been looking for a supply then came across Aliya's soap bars. Perfect for my skin - which can be a bit weird sometimes. So glad I found this weirdo.

Andrew W

All round beautiful quality soap that looks and smells amazing and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. Fast delivery and eco friendly packaging.

Corinne N, NSW

The absolutely most beautiful and best smelling soaps I’ve bought! And customer service is 10/10!

Jess, QLD

I never got why people love fancy soaps until I found Sailor Mouth Soaps. They smell ahmazing, super fast and friendly service (funny/twisted memes on ig - bonus) and um coffin shaped/creepy cute soaps - yes please! We even bought these fancy soaps for our businesses prize packs! I'm definitely a fancy soap fan now.

Morgan S, QLD

I have loved these soaps for a couple of years now. The scents are always amazing, never had a bad lather, and leave my skin feeling soft! We love them so much I have to ration them with my daughter, otherwise she’d use an entire bar per shower!

Skye B, VIC

I can never decide what I love most about these soaps - how pretty they look, how good they smell, or how beautiful they feel on the skin! These are the only soaps I use at home - knowing they're small batch and handmade by a local artisan makes them feel like a gift to myself every time I have a shower!

Jasmine N