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Virgo Soap | Zodiac Collection

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This Zodiac Soap is for those born under the sign of Virgo. When you're ruled by the cerebral planet Mercury, it's no surprise that Virgo's are known to be intelligent, meticulous and goal driven.

Virgo's are one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac with their love of organisation, tasks and cleanliness the butt of many jokes. However when we learn about their planet and element, it's not hard to see they're simply driven to bring a vision into reality. This makes Virgo's one of the most valued star signs when it comes to getting shizz done. 

Ruled by The Sixth House, Virgo's thrive on finding solutions to problems in a methodical, considered way. As a friend, partner or family member, Virgo's are caring and always try to help a loved one in need. They are sensitive and down to earth.

Unless channeled into something productive and interesting, Virgo's can easily be plagued by doubt and worry. Taking time to decompress and relax is essential for Virgo's, with gardening and craft being some of the preferred ways to ground and unwind.


Virgo soap has a deep, meditative and grounding scent, designed to help you unwind both mentally and physically.

What you receive 

Each soap is hand stamped with the symbol for Virgo. We then gift wrap in our custom zodiac paper and stamp on a vegan wax seal for ultra-luxury. A gold cord is added to complete the final details. 

Detail Orientated | Driven | Helpful

Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September) is a Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin.

Product Details

  • Stamped with the Virgo symbol
  • Wrapped in biodegradable shrink film
  • Exclusive Zodiac Collection label
  • Gift wrapped in zodiac paper with a vegan wax seal


Top: acorns

Heart: freshly turned earth

Base: patchouli

Fragrance Strength

Mild  Medium  Strong


    140g (lasts 1 to 2 months of daily use)


    Olive oil, coconut oil, aqua, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, canola oil, organic shea butter, castor oil, fragrances, mica, titanium oxide, ultramarine blue, activated charcoal.

    Refer to our Ingredient Almanac for more details

    Vegan   No Palm Oil   Cruelty-Free   Eco-Friendly Packaging

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