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Gemini Soap | Zodiac Collection

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This Zodiac Soap is for those born under the sign of Gemini. When you're ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, and are blessed with a dualistic personality that allows you to spin multiple plates at any given time, it's no wonder Gemini has a bit of a reputation. Even if it's quite an unfair one.

You love to talk, sure but rarely is there any malice below the surface.  Perhaps it's Gemini's naturally curious disposition and seemingly boundless energy that puts some offside. But when people get to know you better, they find a kind-hearted, outgoing and independent social butterfly that is always fun to have around. 

Gemini soap has an invigorating scent that sweeps away the cobwebs, double-quick. Lemon myrtle, a rainforest tree from Queensland has a scent that's more lemony than a lemon. Growing to a whopping eight by five metres, the tree is almost a big as the attention Gemini commands in a room. The big lemon scent is softened with a dash of sugared limes and a touch of cedar. 

Each soap is hand stamped with the symbol for Gemini. We then gift wrap in our custom zodiac paper and stamp on a vegan wax seal for ultra-luxury. A gold cord is added to complete the final details. 

Curious | Non-Stop Communicative 

Gemini (21 May to 20 June) is a Mutable Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. The symbol for Gemini is the Twins

Product Details

  • Stamped with the Gemini Twin symbol
  • Wrapped in biodegradable shrink film
  • Exclusive Zodiac Collection label
  • Gift wrapped in zodiac paper with a vegan wax seal


Top: lemon myrtle

Heart: lemon zest, candied limes

Base: cedar

Fragrance Strength

Mild  Medium  Strong


    140g (lasts 1 to 2 months of daily use)


    Olive oil, coconut oil, aqua, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, canola oil, fragrances, organic shea butter, castor oil, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, illite.

    Refer to our Ingredient Almanac for more details

    Vegan   No Palm Oil   Cruelty-Free   Eco-Friendly Packaging

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