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Soap Sampler | Mystery Misfit Soaps

Soap Sampler | Mystery Misfit Soaps

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Our largest soap sampler with a minimum of four bars of soap.

We've solved the "too pretty to use" dilemma with this less-than-perfect but utterly delightful misfit soap sampler.

Your sampler will be presented in a hand-stamped, starburst calico bag that you can repurpose and use for anything you like. 

What is misfit soap?

Slightly irregular but otherwise perfect to use.

  • Underweight
  • Wrong scent, colour or pattern 
  • Or there could be a ding or flaw from hand-stamping 
  • And sometimes, just sometimes, its a sneak peek of future products

At full price, the RRP would be at least $52 but you can have it for only $26.95. Nearly half price. Because here at Soap Cult, we look after our members.


A surprise! Literally! Each soap is shrink-wrapped but unlabeled so the scent will be another surprise. Yippee!


A minimum of four bars of individually wrapped soaps in varying shapes sizes and scents. Product photos are an indication of what may be included. 


  • Each soap is wrapped but unlabeled so if you have a specific ingredient that you try to avoid, this product is NOT for you.
  • Stick to the products with a list of declared ingredients.

Refer to our Ingredient Almanac for more details

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love the misfits!

Received Golden Dawn, Devotion, Taurus and Sagittarius-(yet to be released I think) in my Mystery Misfit bag of loveliness. They all smell and look amazing with the right amount of lingering fragrance. What I really liked was that the choice was made for me as I may not have picked them for myself and would have missed out on some amazing products! Once again the the presentation of the products, packaging, free samples and hand written note have me jigging with excitement, anticipation and feeling like a valued customer when the package arrived. LOVE SOAP CULT!

Ally Lester
My first ever handmade soap purchase - what an exciting time!

This sampler is everything I wanted - four big, beautifully fragranced soaps (I'm actually leaving some out in my lounge room right now since they smell SO GOOD). My skin is feeling so much less stressed out in this wintry weather!

Mystery Misfit - Yes!

What a great idea!
I found a new favourite that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.
Great to see no waste just because they didn't turn out perfect!

Suzie Russell
Sampler? More of a bonanza!

Full size soaps @1/2 price...
Any 'imperfections' (& I struggled to see any on some of the soaps...) are purely visual or weight-based, the quality of the soap & scents themselves are not impaired at all.
A great way to try a range of Soap Cult's products.
And who doesn't love a surprise?
I bought 2 thinking I could give any I didn't like as gifts :'D - haaaaaaa. Lucky there were a couple of doubles or I wouldn't be parting with any of them.

Emma Robinson
Great value for amazing soap

I love the variety in each pack :)