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natural wooden soap dish australia
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Wooden Cedar Soap Dish

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Keep your handmade soap high and dry with this sustainable wooden soap dish. Handcrafted in Melbourne using reclaimed, off-cut Western Red Cedar, they're antibacterial, well-draining and lightweight.

Designed with drainage in mind, you'll extend the longevity of handmade soaps by allowing maximum airflow between uses.


10 cm x 7 cm x 1.9 cm approximately (with slight handmade variations) the perfect size for most handmade soap 


Western Red Cedar (no stain or varnish) 

Product Care

Before the first use

The natural tannins in cedar may stain light coloured soaps so we recommend using these soap dishes with dark coloured soaps only for the first few uses. If you do put a light coloured soap on there, it may absorb some of the tannins and it could leave a "tea" like stain. Tannin is harmless and is the same kind of tannin you find in black tea but it can stain so please be aware of this.

Take care on porous surfaces, such as Caesarstone, granite, concrete etc.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Clean excess soap from gaps as needed. We like to use an old toothbrush and scrub the whole dish from time to time.


Western Red Cedar lasts for years and will gently age to a grey colour over time. If at some point you decide it's time for a new dish, this one can be buried because it's totally natural and unvarnished. 

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Fantastic soap holder