We won a business grant from Ipswich City Council - Soap Cult Australia

We won a business grant from Ipswich City Council

We're excited to announce that in February, Soap Cult Australia won the Small Business Resilience and Growth Program grant from our local council. 

Ipswich City Council have always offered funding and support for community organisations, sports, and events. In 2022 they introduced a grant to financially boost to eligible business to help with their growth and development for the future.

The program had three areas of focus for your business which supported a broad variety of businesses from emerging, to small and medium. You could Reinvigorate your business, Go Digital or up skill with Business Owner Development.

We applied for the Go Digital option and won! Our application with to work with Desnoir on our social media strategy and suffice to say, we've already seen results and the project is still being completed - so that's very promising! 

Ipswich City Council have a vision of become Queensland’s first Small Business Friendly Council. Local businesses in the Ipswich area have a lot to look forward to in the future should they continue to to boost our growth and increase our sustainability by offering grants like this one.