My interview with Jess from Create & Thrive - Soap Cult Australia

My interview with Jess from Create & Thrive

In the chaos of 2020, I neglected to celebrate one of our most exciting and motivating experiences post rebrand. Being interviewed on one of my favourite podcasts; Create & Thrive.

Celebrating wins. Our brains need that?

Maybe you're like me. You do something awesome and then before you take the time to celebrate, you're already stretching for the next goal. Because celebrating your own wins feel weird, right? 

Well it turns out, our brains need that kind of acknowledgement/reward-based feedback and mine certainly does: so I'm going to toot my own horn a bit and encourage you all to take a listen to episode 241 where I talk all about Soap Cult's recent rebrand from Sailor Mouth Soaps. 

Upon reflection...

Listening back over the episode, there's a tonne of things I wish I'd added or expanded upon so if any questions pop up for you, feel free to reach out to me via email, Instagram or Facebook.

You can also check out a comprehensive blog post I wrote last year about how to find the right designer for you and work together well, here.

Who is Jess Van Den?

A little bit about The Create and Thrive Podcast It's hosted by veteran maker turned educator, Jess Van Dan who not only runs a very successful silver jewellery business specialising in oxidised silver wedding bands, she also runs an educational community; Thriver Circle

I've been following Jess since I first began in 2010 and one of my business goals was to pitch and get a spot on the show during imagine my surprise and delight when Jess invited me on the show! The episode went live in September and even now it's really interesting to reflect on how the business has changed since. 

Check out the episode

Interested in hearing what I sound like and what I waffle on about for close to an hour?

Find it here or search for "The Create & Thrive Podcast" wherever you like to listen.

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