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Leo Zodiac Sign - Dates, Traits and Personality

Diving Deep into the Leo Zodiac: Dates, Traits, and More

Are you a Leo zodiac or have a friend or loved one who is? As one of the most dynamic zodiac signs, Leos are known for their bold characteristics and vibrant personality traits. In this blog post, we'll explore this compelling sign, discussing its dates, ruling planet, symbol, typical traits, career, and love life.

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When is Leo Zodiac Season?

The dates for the Leo zodiac sign span from July 23rd to August 22nd. If your birthday falls within this period, you are, without a doubt, a Leo. Leo's are fixed fire signs.

What is the Ruling Planet and Symbol of Leo?

Leo is governed by the Sun, the celestial body that signifies life, radiance, and self-expression. This aligns perfectly with the symbol of Leo - the Lion, which embodies power, courage, and leadership.

What are the Typical Traits of a Leo Zodiac Sign?

Leos are typically known for their:

- Strong leadership and ambition
- Generosity and loyalty towards their loved ones
- Creativity and enthusiasm
- Courage and determination
- Love for the spotlight and admiration

While these traits make Leos wonderfully charismatic and dynamic individuals, they can also make them prone to being perceived as overly dominant or attention-seeking.

How does a Leo Zodiac Sign Behave in Love and Career?

Leos have a strong, passionate nature and seek relationships that allow them to express their love and loyalty. They are fervent partners who believe in grand gestures and romantic expressions.

In terms of career, Leos thrive in roles where they can lead and inspire others. They excel in fields like entertainment, management, politics, and any role that puts them in the spotlight.

Gift ideas for Leo's

Leo Zodiac Soap has a bright, invigorating scent, designed to give you that little bit of extra pep when you're feeling over it and depleted. The lemongrass, eucalyptus and ginger fragrance is reminiscent of drinking a cup of herbal tea on the open veranda while you're on a bush getaway. You feel peaceful and rejuvenated.

The fragrance notes are lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger and rosewood.

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Each soap is hand stamped with the symbol for the Leo zodiac sign. You can choose between a standard label or gift wrapped in our custom zodiac paper and then stamped with our wax seal for ultra-luxury.

As with all of our soaps, Leo Zodiac Soap is Vegan, Palm-Oil free,  Cruelty-Free and has Eco-Friendly Packaging.

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Gaining a deeper understanding of the Leo zodiac can help you to better navigate your relationships and career choices if you're a Leo or have Leo placements in your chart. Be sure to share this blog post on your social media platforms and enlighten your friends about the captivating nature of the Leo zodiac sign!