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How To Make Your Handmade Soap Last Longer

Handmade soap has many benefits for the skin but even the hardest bar of soap needs a little love and care to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Here are my quick tips to ensure your gorgeous bar of handmade soap doesn't turn into a mushy mess.

Use a Shower Puff

This is a trick not many people know about but try it and see how much longer you can get your soap to last.

Simply lather the bar on a shower puff and then use the lather on your skin, rather than applying the bar directly onto the skin.

This really helps if you've got more than one or two people in the house using the soap.

It'll go much further, especially if you live with someone who rubs the bar over every inch of their body. 

Keep the bar dry between uses 

This is crucial!

When soap gets mushy, you'll end up using far more than is actually needed to get a lather.

I like to lean my bar up against something and ensure it won't get dripped on or splashed between uses.

Invest in a well-draining soap dish

Soap dishes can be trouble because most are designed to look good but not actually function well. I wrote a blog post about this is 2013 and it's still my most clicked on blog post ever! Check it out to see what to look for and what to avoid.

Hide your good soap from anyone that overuses it!

Kids just love the experience of soap so much they will use it up really quickly. Especially when it ends up lost in the bath!

And sorry (not sorry) but all the men I've ever dated or lived with, seemed obsessed with lathering up from head to toe, whether required or not!

They tore through a bar of soap far too quickly.

If you're living with some people that simply can't or won't go a little easier on the soap then just keep it somewhere dry and safe until it's time to sneak it into the shower.

Cut the bar in half and take a smaller piece into the shower

Reduce your portion and it'll last you twice as long.

The simple logic that really works! Any non-serrated kitchen knife will work well. 

When the bar is small, use it as hand soap 

This is such a good trick because even in high traffic areas for handwashing like the kitchen and bathroom, a smallish piece of soap will go a long way since you aren't washing such a large area of your body.

Save your slivers and put them in a mesh soap saver

It's insane how much longer you can make your soap last in one of these. They used to be really popular a few years ago but I've noticed they're a bit hard to find now. Luckily, we've been able to source all-natural, fair trade Hemp Soap Savers.

natural mesh soap saver sack

With these simple tricks, you'll get more enjoyment out of your handmade soaps, for longer!

hacks from a soap maker to make your handmade soap last longer