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How To Choose A Soap By Fragrance Strength

We're all different when it comes to fragrance strength - what one person loves may be too strong for another and vice versa. 

We've made choosing the fragrance strength of your next soap a little easier by classifying each soap with a unique fragrance strength rating.

This is based on my personal experience of not only formulating soap but working in a soap shop so you can be assured these classifications are accurate.  

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  • You need to bring the bar pretty close to your nose to really smell the complete fragrance
  • A mild fragrance is ideal for facial soaps or anyone who is sensitive to strong scents
  • Many essential oils fall into the Mild category as there are limits to how much you can safely add to cosmetics

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  • You can smell the soap quite clearly when it's unwrapped and from a short distance away
  • A light scent may remain on your skin for a few hours after washing with a Medium soap
  • Try storing the wrapped bar in a drawer until you use it; it will smell lovely when you open it and even fragrance your clothes a little 

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  • Do you like scented skin? Then a Strong soap is for you! The scent will remain on your skin for many hours, even if you can no longer smell it yourself. This is a natural experience called olfactory fatigue. Here's a great article about it
  • If the Post Office says "this box smells nice", then you've got yourself a Strong soap
  • A Strong soap will easily scent a closed room, like a small bathroom. This is very popular in guest bathrooms or when you have visitors - bring out the Strong soap

I hope that's made choosing a soap scent strength a little easier for you. And remember you can always reach out to me via email or social media if you have any further questions about a particular fragrance.

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