Collaboration with Oz Sticker Printing - Soap Cult Australia

Collaboration with Oz Sticker Printing

I'd only just been thinking about getting new stickers printed to include with Soap Cult orders when the lovely folks at Oz Sticker Printing  reached out to see if I'd like to try something from their sticker range. Umm, yes, please! The timing was perfect.

We spoke back and forth over a couple of weeks (the timeline shot out because I caught Covid!) and they were very accommodating. The design team and I tried a few different illustrations until we came up with the perfect fit - Soap Cult Australia's Ouija Planchette illustration, designed by Laura from Obsurio & Co, on Oz Sticker Printing's standard vinyl stickers in 60x60mm square. 

After I'd approved the proof, the custom stickers arrived very quickly in the mail and were safely packaged with paper tape on the box. 

shipping box from oz sticker printing

ouija planchette stickers for soap cult australia

occult secret society custom branding

You can see they come with a handy split down the middle so you don't mess up a corner when you're removing the sticker from the backing paper.

how to store promotional stickers and cards for your ecommerce store

It's a weird flex but I LOVE how effortlessly they fit into my existing promotional freebies that we send with each order.

Not only do I like to stay organised but it's essential when you're running a small business. If I had to search all over the studio for my order freebies, I'd be losing valuable time each day. It's much better to keep like with like, all in one place.

Even if it's a bit daggy like my organisational choice here for a Sistema container. 

packing orders with soap cult australia

I had a few orders to go out the day after I received them so of course, those orders received one of our new stickers.

bespoke gothic witchy secret society packaging

gothic soap brand australia
Look how perfectly these stickers fit in with my existing branding. A customer wouldn't even know that these elements have been printed with different suppliers. They all pull together to look so effortlessly beautiful and cohesive. 

It's worth noting the rich black print quality is excellent. I've had problems in the past with other suppliers of the black being washed out, sort of grey or blue-toned, speckled etc. Not a problem in sight with Oz Sticker Printing. I'm genuinely excited to have another good supplier on board. They can be so hard to find!

I'm interested in getting some swing tags and bumper stickers printed with them so keep an eye out for new things at Soap Cult Australia