Biodegradable Soap Packaging

Biodegradable Soap Packaging

In 2018, Soap Cult Australia banned all single use, non recyclable or non compostable plastics from their business operations.

With the rapid and alarming effects of human made climate change undeniable, we chose to do our part and reduce plastic waste by making our product packaging much more sustainable.

We achieved this by switching to a biodegradable bio-polyolefin shrink wrap and genuine cellulose bags.

As an environmentally friendly business, we know how important it is to invest in systems that won't damage the planet so that's why we imported a unique shrink wrap from the USA that allows us to quickly shrink wrap multiple bars (thus saving power) which break down safely in the environment without any special treatment.

What to do with your soap wrapping? Simple! Just pop it into the compost or your household bin and it will break down safely, plastic-free and environmentally safe, keeping our earth and water ways safe from unwanted plastic pollution.

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